Tech Note 1046 Detail

Motion sensor data has spurious spikes when used with the GLX.

Affected Products:

PS-2103A PASPORT Motion Sensor
PS-2002 Xplorer GLX

Motion sensor data has spurious spikes when used with the GLX.

PASCO Solution:

Spikes in the data from any of the ultrasonic motion sensors are usually the result of the sensor missing the target. If possible, make sure that the target is always within the cone of detection of the motion sensor. If it is not possible to repeat the experiment, you may at least remove the spurious points from your data:

  1. Starting on the HOME screen, select the CALCULATOR (F3) on the GLX.
  2. Once on the CALCULATOR screen, press the FLAG button to activate the keyboard.
  3. Using the keyboard, type in the name of the function that will receive the filtered data.
  4. Press OK to exit the keyboard.
  5. Press F1 to access FUNCTIONS.
  6. Press F1 for MORE.
  7. Press F1 for MORE.
  8. Select LIMIT.
  9. Type in "0.15" for the first argument. This is the minimum detection limit for the motion sensors (15 cm).
  10. Type in the value for the second argument for maximum distance that your object will travel away from the sensor. For instance, if you are using a 1.2 m track, set this second argument to 1.2.
  11. Next, press F2 for DATA.
  12. Select POSITION (m).
  13. Press the down arrow on the GLX keyboard.
  14. The GLX should say "Calculation OK".
  15. You now have a filtered function that will not display the large deviations caused by loss of signal from the target.

Creation Date: 09/29/2009
Last Modified: 09/29/2009
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