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.avi to .mov conversion

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SE-7473 Videopoint Teacher's Kit

How can I convert my movies from Video for Windows format (.avi) to QuickTime format (.mov) so that they can be used with VideoPoint?

PASCO Solution:
In Windows 3.1, if the .avi movie was saved using either the Intel Indeo 3.2 or Cinepak compressors, you may be able to rename the movie with a .mov extension and open it in VideoPoint.

If that does not work, or you are using Windows 95 or NT, the least expensive option available is a program called TRMOOV.exe This software is available for download from several sites on the web. You should use a search engine to locate an address.

One note, if there are dropped frames or irregularly spaced frames in the .avi formatted movie, the data after conversion may not be accurate. This is because the Video for Windows format (.avi) does not associate a time code with each frame and the conversion tool assigns time codes at regular time intervals.

There are additional conversion tips at the Lenox Softworks Videopoint website .

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 11/5/2009
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