AP Environmental Science Products Spotlight

AP* Environmental Science utilizing the power of PASCO's reliable data collection & analysis tools!

Create a 21st century learning environment for AP* Environmental Science.

Teach students with standards-based curriculum supported by the measuring capabilities of wireless sensors and PASCO's flexible and intuitive SPARKvue software on your choice of platform.  

View our complete curriculum solution for Advanced Environmental Science  featuring 24 fully editable lab activities for Advanced Environmental & Earth Sciences, your choices of sensor bundles providing the necessary probeware and equipment and interfacing options to fit your needs.

*AP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

The Environmental Science Starter Bundle includes the Wireless pH Sensor, Wireless Temperature Sensor, Wireless Conductivity Sensor, AirLink Interface, and PASPORT Weather/Anemometer Sensor. The Advanced Extension Bundle is also available.

Wireless CO2 Sensor

Investigate photosynthesis, respiration, or carbon cycling, model and ecosystem and much more.

EcoZone System

Used separately or interconnected, the three chambers accept PASCO sensors for direct measurements of your ecosystems.

Renewable Energy Kit

Study solar power, wind power and hydrogen fuel cells with this set of activities.

Water Quality Field Guide

A complete reference of water quality measurements and how to interpret them.

Water Quality Colorimeter

Field-friendly nitrate, phosphate, ammonia, and more with unparalleled accuracy and affordability.

Weather Sensor

9 measurements from one sensor. Indoors or out, quantifying environmental conditions has never been easier.