Modular Circuits for Essential Physics
Each kit comes in a Gratnells case with trays that organize the modules.
Modular Circuits for Essential Physics
Each module connects mechanically to another by sliding the tabs into each other. To make them visible, many of the components are mounted on top of the module or in a well for protection.
Capstone Data Collection
The voltage and current are read on a tablet using SPARKvue or on a computer using Capstone.
Essential Physics Modular Circuits Kit
Modular Circuits for Essential Physics
The Wireless Voltage Sensor is not in the same form because it is used to clip on across the components. The jumper clips between modules make a convenient place to clip on the Voltage Sensor leads.
U.S. Educator Price

This system is ideal for hands-on experimentation with basic circuits and includes more components than the Basic Set, as well as sensors. It is a component of the Essential Physics program.

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