PASCO Modular Circuits

Modular Circuits are a groundbreaking, wireless solution to complex circuit activities that often fail to reflect textbook circuit work. Using this familiar design, students can successfully recreate their drawn circuit diagrams, generate live data, and confidently explore electrical concepts. This page compares our Modular Circuit Kits to help you determine which kit is best for your needs.

The 8 cm x 8 cm modules promote collaboration and focus on conceptual understanding. Each module displays the schematic symbol as well as visual components (resistors, capacitors, motors etc) to make the connection between circuit diagrams and functioning circuits. The modules snap together but require a jumper clip to make the electrical connection which reinforces the concept of a complete circuit.

Data collection is wireless to computers, chromebooks or tablets using both:

These sensors only allow current to be measured in series and voltage to be measured in parallel, helping students understand the proper use of meters with an electrical circuit. The data collection aspect also connects students to the data in real time, creating a richer experience that ensures better retention of core concepts. If preferred, traditional meters can be used in place of (or in addition to) the wireless sensors.

As an instructor, the clean, visual layout based on circuit diagrams both makes it easy for students to correctly wire their circuits and allows easy diagnosis when a mistake is made. No more tangled nests of wires using up precious time during the lab.

Finally, the entire system ships in a Gratnells® tray that makes clean up and storage much easier than traditional solutions.

Available Sets

Included In Each Set

Item Basic Modular Circuits Modular Circuits for Essential Physics
Straight 4 5
Corner 4 4
Resistor 2 3
Light Bulb 2 3
Tee 2 2
Battery Holder (batteries not included) 2 2
SPST 1 1
Capacitor 1 1
Spring Clips 1 1
Inductor 0 1
Motor 0 1
LED 0 1
Potentiometer 0 1
SPDT Switch 1 1
Bar Magnet 0 1
Wireless Voltage Sensor 0 1
Wireless Current Sensor Module 0 1
Extra Jumpers 15 15
Loose Components for Spring Clips 5 5
Gratnells® Case 1 1
Experiments (download) 5 12

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