PASCO Day of Physics

Join us for a special edition of PASCO Live this Friday: PASCO Day of Physics ! We will be performing live physics demonstrations all morning for our viewers on Facebook and YouTube. Our rotating specialists will take turns performing their favorite physics demonstrations, including new Smart Cart and Capstone software demos. Don't miss this opportunity to ask questions, participate, and celebrate physics education live alongside the PASCO Team!

0:05:09 Smart Cart Demo Kit
0:07:20 Smart Fan
0:10:30 Smart Cart Motor Control System
0:22:26 Visualizing Vectors with the Smart Cart Vector Display
0:37:44 Interview with Paul Stokstad
0:48:38 Predicting Projectile Motion with Blockly
1:06:27 Drop Shot Projectile
1:10:26 Rotational Inertia Spheres
1:13:16 Interview with Adam Forgang
1:17:36 Faraday's Law of Induction
1:30:10 Interview with Mike Paskowitz
1:35:04 Diffraction Scanning
1:40:34 Interview with Tina Wood
1:42:46 Interview with Janet Gomez
1:45:34 Inertia Wands
1:50:47 Smart Cart Resonant Frequency System
1:55:39 Conservation of Energy
2:04:10 Handcrank Generator Coil Demo
2:06:54 Mirror Pendulum
2:11:01 Color Mixing
2:25:16 Polarizing light
2:32:49 Atmospheric Pressure
2:44:56 Magnetic Damping and Eddy Currents

Products Featured:
Smart Cart Demonstration Kit:
Smart Fan Accessory:
Basic Smart Cart Metal Track 1.2 m
Basic Smart Cart Metal Track 2.2 m System:
Smart Cart (Blue):
Smart Cart (Red):
Smart Cart Vector
Friction Block - IDS:
Mini Launcher:
Drop Shoot Accessory:
Spherical Mass Set:
No-Bounce Pad:
550 Universal Interface:
Field Coil (200 Turn):
Detector Coil (2000 Turn):
Ring Launcher with Accessories:
Wireless Diffraction System:
Rotational Inertia Wands:
Mini Generator:
Air Core Solenoid:
Color Mixer:
Color Mixer Accessory Kit:
Polarizer Demonstration Accessory:
Atmospheric Pressure Demonstrator:
Variable Gap Magnet:
Magnetic Force Accessory:

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