Advanced Chemistry through Inquiry

The following is a complete list of lab activities from PASCO's Advanced Chemistry Through Inquiry Teacher Lab Manual. Each activity includes an editable student handout, IB/AP-alignment details, and a Teacher Resource file that can be accessed by logging into your PASCO account. The experiments in this manual can be performed using individual PASCO sensors, sensor bundles, or Lab Stations. You may view the materials list for an activity by previewing the student handout.

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Lab Title IB Topics AP Topics Detail
00 Advanced Chemistry through Inquiry (PS-2828A) Teacher Manual----
01 Analysis of Food Dyes in Sports Drinks1.5; A.8SAP-8.A; SAP-8.C
02 Investigating the Copper Content of Brass1.2; 1.5; A.8SAP-8.C; SPQ-4.A
03 How Hard is Your Tap Water?1.4SPQ-1.A; SPQ-2.A; TRA-1.C; SPQ-3.C; SPQ-4.A
04 How Much Acid is in Your Fruit Juice?18.1; 18.4SPQ-4.B; SPQ-4.A
05 Separating Food Dyes Using Chromatography4.3SPQ-3.B; SPQ-3.C; SPQ-5.A
06 A Chemistry Mystery: Name That Unknown!4.3; 4.5SAP-3.A; SAP-5.B; SAP-3.D
07 Stoichiometry in Solutions1.5SPQ-3.A; SPQ-4.A; SPQ-4.B; SPQ-2.A; SAP-5.B
08 Percentage of H₂O₂ in Your Drugstore Hydrogen Peroxide9.1; 9.2; 19.1TRA-1.B; SPQ-4.A; SPQ-4.B
09 Investigating Physical and Chemical Changes of Matter4.5TRA-1.D; TRA-1.C; SAP-5.B
10 What Does Acid Rain Do To Coral Reefs?6.1; A.8TRA-3.A; TRA-3.C
11A Kinetics of Crystal Violet Fading (Colorimeter)6.1; 16.1; 16.3TRA-3.B; TRA-3.C; TRA-3.A
11B Kinetics of Crystal Violet Fading (Spectrometer)6.1; 16.1; 16.3TRA-3.B; TRA-3.C; TRA-3.A
12 Building a Better Hand Warmer5.1; 5.2; 5.3; 15.1ENE-2.D; ENE-2.E; ENE-2.F
13 Applications of Le Chatelier's Principle7.1; 7.2; 17.2; A.8TRA-8.B; TRA-8.A
14 Investigation of Acid-Base Titrations18.1; 18.4SAP-9.E; TRA-1.B; SPQ-4.B; TRA-8.A
15 Introduction to Buffers18.2SAP-10.B; TRA-1.C; SPQ-4.B; SAP-5.B
16 Evaluation of Lemonade as a Buffer18.2SAP-10.D; SPQ-1.A

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