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Percentage of H₂O₂ in Your Drugstore Hydrogen Peroxide

This lab is an introduction to Redox titration. Students use a redox probe and titration to determine the hydrogen peroxide content of a drugstore formulation.

Students will be expected to apply knowledge of balancing reduction-oxidation reactions and half reactions in order to complete this lab. They standardize a solution of potassium permanganate using ferrous ammonium sulfate, then use the permanganate to titrate against a diluted sample of drugstore 3% hydrogen peroxide.


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Standards Correlations

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9.1; 9.2; 19.1 TRA-1.B; SPQ-4.A; SPQ-4.B

Featured Equipment

Oxidation Reduction Potential Probe

Oxidation Reduction Potential Probe

This probe connects to a Wireless pH Sensor and allows students to determine the ability of a species in a solution to act as an oxidizing agent or reducing agent.

Heater Stirrer

Heater Stirrer

This compact hot plate and stirrer is an essential for any chemistry lab!

Wireless Drop Counter

Wireless Drop Counter

Use the new Wireless Drop Counter for more efficient and accurate titration data. Conducting a titration has never been easier!

pH Sensor

Wireless pH Sensor

Here’s the best tool for measuring pH since litmus paper. The Wireless pH Sensor connects via Bluetooth® to monitor the pH of solutions.

Many lab activities can be conducted with our Wireless, PASPORT, or even ScienceWorkshop sensors and equipment. For assistance with substituting compatible instruments, contact PASCO Technical Support. We're here to help.

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Percentage of H₂O₂ in Your Drugstore Hydrogen Peroxide