Advanced Physics 1 Lab Manual

The following is a complete list of lab activities from PASCO's Advanced Physics 1 Lab Manual. You may preview and download individual student lab activities as well as view detailed information regarding what files are included, AP/IB standards correlations, and recommended PASCO equipment if applicable.

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Lab Title IB Topics AP Topics Detail
00 Advanced Physics 1 Lab Manual (complete)----
01 Graphical Analysis: Motion2.13.A.1.1; 3.A.1.2; 3.A.1.3
02 Newton's Second Law2.23.B.1.1; 3.B.1.2; 3.B.1.3; 3.B.2.1
03 Atwood's Machine2.23.B.1.1; 3.B.1.2
04 Coefficients of Friction2.23.C.4.1; 3.C.4.2
05 Two-Dimensional Motion: Projectiles1.3; 2.13.E.1.3; 3.E.1.4
06 Conservation of Mechanical Energy2.35.B.4.1; 5.B.4.2
07 Work and Kinetic Energy2.34.C.2.1; 4.C.2.2
08 Conservation of Momentum2.45.D.1.3; 5.D.2.2; 5.D.2.4
09 Momentum and Impulse2.43.D.2.3 3.D.2.4
10 Rotational DynamicsB.13.F.2.1; 3.F.2.2; 3.A.1.3
11 Rotational StaticsB.13.F.1.1; 3.F.1.2; 3.F.1.3; 3.F.1.4; 3.F.1.5
12 Periodic Motion: Mass and Spring4.1; 9.13.B.3.1; 3.B.3.2; 3.B.3.3; 3.B.3.4
13 Simple Pendulum4.1; 9.13.B.3.1; 3.B.3.2; 3.B.3.3
14 Resonance and Standing Waves4.5; B.41.B.1.2; 5.B.9.2; 5.B.9.3; 5.C.3.1
15 DC Circuits5.1; 5.21.B.1.2; 5.B.9.2; 5.B.9.3; 5.C.3.1

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