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Resonance and Standing Waves

Students use a resonance air column, tuning forks, and the principles of resonance and standing waves for a pipe with one closed end to experimentally determine a value for the speed of sound in air.


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Standards Correlations

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4.5; B.4 1.B.1.2; 5.B.9.2; 5.B.9.3; 5.C.3.1

Featured Equipment

Resonance Air Column

Resonance tube with plunger, node markers and detachable stands for performing waves and sound experiments.

Four-Scale Meter Stick

Four Scale Meter Stick

A convenient measuring device that includes four different metric scales of various precision.

Tuning Fork Set

Tuning Fork Set

Both rugged and economical aluminum tuning forks. Includes eight forks representing a full octave of frequencies.

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Source: Lab #14

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Resonance and Standing Waves