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Electric Field Mapping

This qualitative activity introduces the concepts of equipotential surfaces and electric fields. A number of rules about the electric field are verified. At the end of the activity, the student should be able to sketch the electric field around a simple charge distribution.


Student Files

73_Electric_Field_Mapping.cap 1.53 MB
73_Electric_Field_Mapping_w_Data.cap 3.17 MB
73_Electrode_Patterns.docx 103.52 KB
73_Electric_Field_Mapping.docx 1.12 MB
73_PatternsA-H.JPG 274.57 KB
73_Potential_field.JPG 400.26 KB
73_Probe_position.JPG 114.56 KB
73_Setup_E_field.JPG 659.78 KB
73_line_pattern.JPG 15.84 KB
73_Equipotential.JPG 52.34 KB
73_E_field.JPG 459.26 KB
73_Pattern_Plots.JPG 415.95 KB
73_PatternA.JPG 44.13 KB
73_PatternB.JPG 44.52 KB
73_PatternC.JPG 49.20 KB
73_PatternD.JPG 49.56 KB
73_PatternE.JPG 60.83 KB
73_PatternG.JPG 46.02 KB
73_PatternF.JPG 53.40 KB
73_PatternH.JPG 43.03 KB
73_Patterns_C.JPG 166.29 KB
73_Electric_Field_Mapping.pdf 370.67 KB
Source: Lab #73

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Electric Field Mapping