Comprehensive 850 Physics System

The following is a complete list of experiments from PASCO's Comprehensive 850 Physics System Experiment Manual. You may preview and download editable student handouts, Capstone data files, and sample images, or export files to your Google Classroom using the chalkboard icon.

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01 Intro to Measurement
02 Uncertainty and Error Analysis
03 Relative Motion in One Dimension
04 Graph Matching
05 Instantaneous and Average Speed
06 Position and Velocity
07A Velocity and Acceleration
07B Great Race
08 Equations of Motion
09 Acceleration Due to Gravity
10 Freefall Picket Fence
11 Acceleration on an Inclined Plane
12 Projectile Motion
13 Projectile against Wall
14 Newton's First Law
15 Newton's Second Law
16 Force and Acceleration
17 Inertia and the Second Law
18 Newton's Third Law
19 External Forces and the Third Law
20 Atwood's Machine
21 Acceleration up an Inclined Plane
22 Statics
23 Coefficients of Friction
24 Friction and Newton's Laws
25A Magnetic Drag
25B Magnetic Damped Oscillations
26 Air Drag
27 Centripetal Force
28 Conservation of Energy on Inclined Track
29 Gravitational Potential Energy
30 Conservation of Energy of a Simple Pendulum
31 Hooke's Law and Elastic Potential Energy
32 Work-Energy Theorem
33 Collisions in One Dimension
34 Impulse and Momentum
35 Ballistic Pendulum
36 Newton's Second Law for Rotation
37 Rotational Inertia
38 Rotational Kinetic Energy
39 Conservation of Angular Momentum
40 Static Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
41 Spring and Mass Oscillations
42 Oscillation of Cart and Spring
43 Oscillation Equations of Motion
44 Driven Oscillation of Mass and Spring
45 Physical Pendulum
46 Large Amplitude Pendulum
47 Variable-g Pendulum
48 Physical Pendulum Minimum Period
49 Archimedes' Principle
50 Heat and Temperature
51 Transfer of Heat by Radiation
52 Specific Heat
53 Electrical Equivalent of Heat
54 Boyle's Law
55 Absolute Zero
56 Sound Waves
57 Standing Waves on a String
58 Resonance Tube
59 Speed of Sound in Air
60 Superposition of Sound Waves
61 Interference of Sound Waves
62 Shadow and Color in Light
63 Object and Image Distances Thin Lens
64A Reflection
64B Refraction
64C Dispersion
65 Focal Length of a Concave Mirror
66 Telescope and Microscope
67 Variation of Light Intensity
68 Light Intensity vs. Distance
69 Polarization of Light
70 Brewster's Angle
71 Interference and Diffraction
72 Electrostatic Charges
73 Electric Field Mapping
74 Ohm's Law
75 Series Parallel Circuits
76 Kirchhoff's Circuit Laws
77 Capacitance
78 RC Circuit
79A LRC Series Circuit
79B LRC Resonance
80 Properties of Diodes
81 Build a Rectifier
82 NPN Transistor
83 Current Gain of a Transistor
84 Earth's Magnetic Field
85 Magnetic Field Mapping
86 Induction: Magnet through a Coil
87 Magnetic Field in a Current Carrying Coil

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