SPARKlab Online Library

Download any of the more than 80 free SPARKlab activities. For all of these activities and hundreds more free labs and experiments you can also visit the PASCO Digital Library.

SPARKlabs are discovery-based, highly interactive lab activities that combines content with data collection and analysis.  Everything takes place directly on their devices, keeping them engaged and focused on learning.

SPARKlabs can all be opened by any device running our SPARKvue software. 

Note for Chromebooks users:  Starting with SPARKvue version 2.5, SPARKlabs are no longer included with the download to decrease the file size. The labs marked with an asterisk (*) are those that previously installed with this download.

Zip files

Note: Not included in these two downloads are the new Wireless Sensor SPARKlabs or the Renewable Energy SPARKlabs.

Here are the most recent additions to the SPARKlab library:

SPARKlabs created for wireless sensors:

Renewable Energy Kit (SE-7611) SPARKlabs

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