PASCO Capstone Update

Existing PASCO Capstone users - update to version 1.13.4

Want more info on PASCO Capstone?  See the PASCO Capstone software page for full details.

Windows Update

  • Version:  1.13.4
  • Filesize:  264 MB
  • Filename:  PASCO_Capstone-
  • Requires:  Windows 7 SP1 or later

Windows Download

Mac Update

  • Version:  1.13.4
  • Filesize:  134 MB
  • Filename:  PASCOCapstone_Mac-
  • Requires:  Mac OS X 10.10 or later

Mac Download

About this download

  • Version 1.13.4 released 5/20/2019
  • This is a maintenance release of the PASCO Capstone software.

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where MacOS versions from HighSierra (v10.13) and earlier suddenly could no longer see any device connected via USB.
  • Fixed an issue where a 550 could show up as a USB Link in the hardware setup panel.
  • The application will no longer crash on MacOS Mojave when you try to access the onboard camera.

Read the full release notes for 1.13.4

About the previous download

  • Version 1.13.2 released 4/23/2019
  • This is a maintenance release of the PASCO Capstone software.

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where connecting multiple sensors set all sensors to the lowest common sample rate.
  • Fixed an issue where saved sample rates in an experiment file were not being honored when the file was opened.
  • A SmartGate connected to an AirLink which was then connected to the computer via USB no longer errors out with the "Interface Memory Overflow" message.

Read the full release notes for 1.13.2

System Requirements

To run the latest version of PASCO Capstone


  7 SP1 or later
Mac   OS X v 10.10 or later
Processor   2 GHz or faster (only required for Video Analysis Features)
RAM   2 GB or greater RAM



1024 x 768 or greater

Disk Space   Mac: 250MB free Disk Space (Application Bundle)

Windows: 575 MB Free Disk Space (500 MB for Capstone plus 75 MB for Common Files Folders)

At least one free port if using USB connected devices

Bluetooth Classic  

Bluetooth capability if using PASCO Bluetooth classic devices

Bluetooth Smart  

See Wireless Product Compatibility if using PASCO Bluetooth Smart devices

Contact Teacher support if you experience download or installation issues.

Wireless Sensors and Windows 10

To use Wireless Sensors directly with Windows devices (without the PS-3500 USB Bluetooth Adapter) three conditions must be met:

1) A device running Windows 10 Creators Edition 1703 or later (Check or update your Windows version)

2) A device with Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher (Check your Bluetooth Version)

3) PASCO Capstone 1.10 or later must be installed (or reinstalled) after Windows 10 is up-to-date with Creators edition.

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