Replacement for CI-6527 Type Sensors

How can I get data into my interface or computer that I used to use the CI-6527 sensor for?

While we no longer make the CI-6527 sensor, it is still possible to use some other currently sold sensors to get data into your interface and software.  Using the CI-6605A, you can unplug the stainless steel temperature probe (PS-2153 portion), and insert the plug that would have gone into the top socket of the CI-6527A. 

Another option, if you are able to use PASPORT or wireless sensors, the PS-3222 Wireless Temperature Link can receive the 3.5 mm plug that would have gone into the top of the CI-6527A.  This sensor requires the use of a BT 4.0 type connection.  The following link can help determine if your system and software are able to receive signal from this sensor. 

Below is a table of the PASPORT sensors that can receive the 3.5 mm stereo thermistor plug. At the bottom of this article is a list of the interfaces that can directly receive this inputs from the 3.5 mm stereo plug.

Sensors that can receive 3.5 mm thermistor input plug.

Product Number Description
PS-2125 PASPORT Temperature Sns
PS-2140 PAS Temp/Sound Level/
PS-2143 PASPORT Quad Temp
PS-2146 PAS Absolute Pressure/
PS-2157 PASPORT Temp Array
PS-2168 PAS General Science Sns
PS-2170 PASPORT Chemistry Sensor
PS-2172 PAS Adv Chemistry Sns
PS-2230 PASPORT Adv. Water

Interfaces that can receive 3.5 mm thermistor plug.

Product Number Description
PS-2002 Xplorer GLX
PS-2011 SPARKlink Air
PS-3600 SPARK LXi Datalogger