The hub of your modern science classroom, the SPARK LX and LXi are the ideal platforms for PASCO sensors, both Wireless and PASPORT while providing a connected, easy-to-manage learning environment powered by SPARKvue software and the Lab Manager application.

PASCO's new datalogger blends software and hardware for data collection and analysis along with classroom management capabilities, all on one device.

This innovative science handheld works seamlessly with all PASCO PASPORT and Wireless Sensors.

Available July 2018

Open for pre-orders
starting April 2018

Lab Manager

PASCO delivers a new classroom management application included with the SPARK LX and SPARK LXi dataloggers. Lab Manager allows teachers to have control over student lab devices to ensure greater efficiency and student engagement.

With Lab Manager teachers can:

  • Control and monitor student screens
  • Broadcast screens to students
  • Create lab groups for data-sharing
  • Send and collect quizzes to and from individual students or groups

SPARK LX and LXi features include:

  • Award winning Software suite
  • Ruggedized, water-resistant case
  • 9.6" full color touchscreen
  • 8 virtual ports for wireless sensor connection
  • 2 PASPORT ports, voltage and temp ports (LXi only)
  • Online or offline connectivity

Two Configurations are available:

The SPARK LX is for use with PASCO Wireless Sensors (or for PASPORT Sensors with the AirLink). It comes with eight virtual ports for simultaneous wireless connection.

The SPARK LXi is for use with PASCO Wireless or PASPORT Sensors. In addition to eight virtual ports, it comes with two PASPORT ports plus Voltage and Temperature ports for the included Fast Response Temperature and Voltage Probes.

SPARK LX with Wireless Conductivity Sensor

The SPARK LX datalogger with a Wireless Conductivity Sensor

SPARK LXi with the PASPORT Conductivity Sensor

The SPARK LXi datalogger with a PASPORT Conductivity Sensor.

Designed for science investigation.

The SPARK LX and SPARK LXi are dedicated devices for the science lab and beyond.

The large screen promotes collaboration and the award-winning software and real-time data collection and analysis create greater student engagement and better retention of information and core concepts.

Built to withstand years of student use, the SPARK LX and LXi are protected against drops or spills whether in a wet lab or being used in the field.

The connected classroom.

The SPARK LX and LXi make sensor based investigation easy. They both use in-app, proximity pairing to connect to PASCO Wireless Sensors and the LX can use the optional AirLink interface to connect any PASPORT sensors while the LXi provides two PASPORT sensor ports for direct connection.

Lab Manager software connects all the groups in the room, providing you with both a view of each group's work as well as the ability to control and collaborate directly with all students.

SPARKvue is our award-winning science learning application that combines rich standards-based content, data collection, visualization, analysis, and assessment into one seamless environment.