Advanced Placement / Physics

Electromagnetic Induction

Students use voltage sensor to measure the maximum emf induced in a coil as a permanent magnet is dropped through it. Students vary the number...

Advanced Placement / Physics

Capacitor Fundamentals

Students use a digital capacitance meter and construct capacitors from aluminum foil and paper to determine how physical properties of a parallel-plate...

Advanced Placement / Biology


Students use multiple temperature probes simultaneously to investigate the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis when subjected to a cold...

Advanced Placement / Biology

Cell Size

Students use a conductivity sensor to measure the effect of cell size on solute diffusion rate using agarose-salt cubes.

Advanced Placement / Physics

RC Circuits

Students use a voltage sensor and a current sensor with the AC/DC electronics laboratory to determine how the potential differences across the...

Advanced Placement / Biology


Students use a conductivity sensor to explain the results of different concentrations of salt water on plant tissue before they design an experiment...

Advanced Placement / Biology


Students use a colorimeter to determine which extracellular fluid is hypertonic to a model cell and which solution is hypotonic.

Advanced Placement / Physics

Hydrostatic Pressure

Students use a pressure sensor to measure the static pressure at different depths in a column of water and use their data to determine the mathematical...

Advanced Placement / Biology


Students use a pH sensor to investigate the diffusion of hydrogen ions through a semipermeable membrane, comparing the rates of diffusion for...

High School / Biology

Peppered Moths Graphing Activity

How do genetic traits help or hurt organisms when environmental changes occur? See how you can use SPARKvue to help with analysis of data in...

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