Advanced Chemistry Through Inquiry

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The following is a complete list of lab activities from PASCO's Advanced Chemistry Through Inquiry Teacher Guide. Each activity includes an editable student handout and information about its alignment with IB/AP standards. The experiments in this manual can be performed using individual PASCO sensors, sensor bundles, or Lab Stations. You may view the materials list for an activity by previewing the attached student handout.

Materials List
Advanced Chemistry Through Inquiry


Lab Title IB Topics AP Topics Detail
00 Introduction to POGIL and the Teacher Guide----
01 Modeling Chemistry1.1; 4.1; 4.43.10
02A Light, Color, And Concentration1.31.16
02B Light, Color, and Concentration1.31.16
03 Gravimetric Analysis1.31.19
04 Stoichiometry Of Solutions1.33.4
05 Polar And Nonpolar Substances4.42.8
06 Solubility1.36.21
07A Empirical Formula1.23.6
07B Empirical Formula1.23.6
08 Measuring Vitamin C - Redox Titration9.13.9
09 Factors That Affect Reaction Rate6.14.1
10A Measuring The Speed Of A Reaction16.14.2
10B Measuring The Speed Of A Reaction16.14.2
11 Energy In Chemical Reactions5.1-5.35.7
12A Chemical Equilibrium7.1; 17.16.9
12B Chemical Equilibrium7.1; 17.16.9
13 Shape Of Titration Curves1.3; 8.1-8.4; 18.2; 18.36.12
14 Weak Acid Titration1.3; 8.1-8.4; 18.2; 18.36.13
15 Introduction To Buffers18.36.20
16 Buffer Properties18.36.18
17 Moving Electrons9.1; 9.2; 19.13.13

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