Physics Through Inquiry

The following is a complete list of lab activities from PASCO's Physics Through Inquiry Teacher Guide. You may preview and download editable student handouts or export them to Google Classroom using the chalkboard icon. Individual materials lists are included within each student handout, and a complete materials list is provided below.

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Lab Title Detail
01 Position: Match Graph
02 Speed and Velocity
03 Relative Motion
04 Acceleration
05 Introduction to Force
06 Archimedes' Principle
07 Hooke's Law
08 Newton's First Law
09 Newton's Second Law
10 Newton's Third Law
11 Static and Kinetic Friction
12 Conservation of Energy
13 Conservation of Momentum
14 Impulse Momentum
15 Work and Energy
16 Simple Harmonic Motion
17 Pendulum
18 Circular Motion
19 Centripetal Force
20 Projectile Motion
21 Temperature versus Heat
22 Phase Change
23 Specific Heat of a Metal
24 Heat of Fusion
25 Heat of Vaporization
26 Boyle's Law
27 Absolute Zero
28 Charge and Electric Field
29 Voltage: Fruit Battery/Generator
30 Ohm's Law
31 Series and Parallel Circuits
32 RC Circuit
33 Magnetic Field: Permanent Magnet
34 Magnetic Field: Coil
35 Faraday's Law of Induction
36 Inverse Square Law
37 Polarization
38 Sound Intensity
39 Radiation

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