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Projectile Motion

In this lab, students will use pairs of photogates to demonstrate how independent, horizontal and vertical motions describe the motion of a projectile.


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Featured Equipment

Carbon Paper

Carbon Paper (100 Sheets)

Carbon paper is ideal for marking the position of an object as it strikes the floor or any other surface.

Smart Gate

Wireless Smart Gate

The Wireless Smart Gate has all the features of the wired Smart Gate plus the added flexibility of wireless connection to your data collection system.

Time-of-Flight Accessory

Time-of-Flight Accessory

Use with a Photogate to capture time of flight data. Timing starts when object passes through photogate and stops when object impacts this landing pad. For use with PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.

Many lab activities can be conducted with our Wireless, PASPORT, or even ScienceWorkshop sensors and equipment. For assistance with substituting compatible instruments, contact PASCO Technical Support. We're here to help.

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Projectile Motion