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DC Circuits

Students construct a circuit consisting of two resistors in series and then in parallel. They measure the voltage across the resistors, and the current through the resistors. From their measurements they can infer Kirchhoff's loop and junction rules.

Source: Physics Lab Station Investigations


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Teaching AC & DC Circuits In-Class & At-Home with Modular Circuits - PASCO Live

Teaching AC & DC Circuits In-Class & At-Home with Modular Circuits - PASCO Live

JJ Plank and Dan Burns showcase the great ability to teach online or in-class with FREE resources that can be used with basic and complex circuitry. Broadcast...

Modular Circuits Overview

Modular Circuits Overview

Learn basic circuits with a system that eliminates the mess of wires and lets students build working circuits that match their schematic diagram. Learn more...

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Wireless Current Sensor

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Wireless Voltage Sensor

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Modular Circuits for Essential Physics

Essential Physics Modular Circuits Kit

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Basic Modular Circuits Kit

Basic Modular Circuits Kit

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