PASCO Wireless Sensors

Freedom and flexibility without compromise. Our most advanced sensors connect directly to your devices

PASCO Wireless Sensors

PASCO wireless sensors represent the next leap forward in probeware technology. Powerful, yet easy-to-use, they provide opportunities for hands-on science that transform students into science investigators and problem solvers.

Reimagine the classroom.

  • Connect directly to Mac & Windows computers, Windows tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets & phones and Chromebooks using Bluetooth® 4.*
  • Same full-featured software and user experience across any OS
  • No need for an interface so no extra equipment to buy!
  • Long battery life - eases classroom management
  • Logging mode - perform long term experiments
  • In app pairing and proximity pairing make them easy to use.
  • No interface or additional hardware necessary
  • Affordable enough to easily outfit classrooms

  • PASCO quality.

*devices without native BLE support will require our USB/Bluetooth adapter. See for full details.

Our most advanced and our most cost effective sensors ever!

Wireless Temperature

Much more than a digital thermometer. Access instant temperature readings but also continuously monitor, log and plot temperature data in a wide variety of applications quickly and easily. 

Wireless pH

Quickly measure the pH of a solution as discrete measurements or as a continuous reading. Study water quality, test household solutions, or perform high-resolution acid-base titrations with ease. 

Wireless Force Acceleration

Capable of measuring force, acceleration, and rotation individually or simultaneously. Includes finger grips and mounting holes for rods and carts.

Wireless Pressure

Make accurate and consistent measurements of gas pressure, regardless of ambient conditions, and explore how chemical reactions affect gas pressure.

Wireless Voltage

Measure voltages of up to 15 V with built-in protection for the sensor against overload. Up to 1000 samples/second via Bluetooth. Up to 100,000 samples/second via USB in "burst mode" 

Wireless Current

Measure currents of up to 1 A with built-in protection for the sensor against overload. Up to 1000 samples/second via Bluetooth. Up to 100,000 samples/second via USB in "burst mode" 

Wireless Conductivity

Wirelessly measure both conductivity and dissolved solids with this all-new design. Highly accurate with a fast response time and featuring built-in temperature compensation.

Wireless Light

The most versatile light sensor we've ever made, it is like having five sensors in one!

Measures illuminance, irradiance, UVA, UVB and UV Index and features RGB color detection.

Wireless Smart Cart

A mechanics lab on wheels, the Smart Cart measures and transmits position, velocity, acceleration, rotation and force data on or off the track. 

Wireless CO2 Sensor

One of the most important measurements for Biology and Earth & Environmental Science applications, the new Wireless Carbon Dioxide Sensor boasts both a lower cost and unprecedented functionality.

Additional Wireless Products

While they don't utilize Bluetooth® Smart technology, the Wireless Spectrometer and Polarimeter can connect to devices using either USB or standard bluetooth connectivity.

Wireless Spectrometer

Connects to tablets and computers via Bluetooth or USB for introductory spectrometry applications, providing high accuracy and resolution at a low cost.

Wireless Polarimeter

Determine degree of optical rotation of the plane polarized light, and share the results with either Bluetooth or USB connectivity.