MultiMeasure Sensors

Over 20 MultiMeasure Sensors exclusively from PASCO

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All of our over 80 PASPORT sensors utilize Pure Digital™ technology for lower noise, increased flexibility, and increased communication with our data collection and analysis software. This design has also allowed us to engineer our sensors like no one else by combining several different but related measurements into a single sensor enclosure.

MultiMeasure sensors mean:

  • Fewer sensors to track and store
  • Less equipment to carry in the field
  • Quicker setup and cleanup in your lab
  • A lower cost than purchasing each sensor individually
  • Only a single sensor port for many lab activities
Advanced Water Quality Sensor

Advanced Water Quality Sensor

Almost a one-piece water quality lab, this sensor measures water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity…simultaneously. It provides a convenient solution for studying water quality or aquatic biology. Investigate drinking-water purity, study acid rain, or study photosynthesis.

Advance water Quality sensor Interface