Connect any of the over 80 PASPORT* sensors to your Mac or Windows computer, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android phone, Chromebook or SPARK Element using a PASCO interface.

PASPORT Interfaces


  1. Wireless Sensors connect directly to your devices without the need for an interface. 

  2. If you are using ScienceWorkshop sensors (in the black rather than blue cases), you will need a 550 or 850 interface, an adapter or a legacy ScienceWorkshop interface.  Learn more.

USB/Wireless Interfaces

  • Can connect via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth® to computers, tablets and/or smart phones
  • Compatible with SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone software.
  • Accepts all PASPORT sensors.  Most Science Workshop sensors can be used with the proper adapter.



Our most economical interface. Connect a single PASPORT sensor to your SPARK Element, computer, Chromebook, tablet or smartphone via bluetooth or through a USB connection.

SPARKlink Air


Connect two PASPORT sensors to your SPARK Element, computer or tablet via bluetooth or through a USB connection. Also includes dedicated ports for the included temperature and voltage probes.

The 550 Universal Interface

  • Fewer ports but lower cost than the 850
  • Wireless or USB connectivity.
  • Compatible with SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone software.
  • Directly accepts all PASPORT and Science Workshop sensors

550 Universal Interface


Powerful wireless sensor interface equips labs with high-speed data collection, signal generation and power supply, use with PASCO software for oscilloscope and FFT displays, timers, and more.

The 550 boasts much of the functionality of the 850 at a lower price point. 2 PASPORT ports, 2 analog ports, 2 digital ports and a 1 Mhz signal generator while also boasting wireless connectivity.

The 850 Universal Interface

  • Twice the ports of the 550
  • Connects via USB
  • The highest maximum sampling rate of any PASCO interface
  • A high power signal generator and two high frequency signal generators.
  • Compatible only with PASCO Capstone software
  • Directly accepts all PASPORT and Science Workshop sensors 

850 Universal Interface


Boasts 4 PASPORT Sensor Ports, 4 Photogate Ports, 4 Analog Ports and can be a digital multimeter; a 500 kHz oscilloscope; a 100 kHz power function generator; dual function generators; a nuclear counter and more. Connects via USB.

The 850 is the most powerful science education lab interface in the world. It is ideal for advanced physics or engineering applications or for anyone that requires its high sampling rates and powerful functionality and future expandability. It can also replace several pieces of lab equipment and thus represents great value. 

Also available:

The following interfaces are available in limited quantities:

USB Link (PS-2100A)

AirLink 2 (PS-2010)