Successful lab activities centered around projectiles and the independence of horizontal and vertical motion depend upon equipment that can provide consistent results. PASCO launchers provide accurate launch angles and initial velocities resulting in consistent and repeatable results.

The Launchers

We offer two different projectile launchers. There is our full sized Projectile Launcher which offers selectable ranges of 1.2, 3, or 5 m and launch angles from 0º to 90º.  Also available is our Mini Launcher which is great for table top experiments with ranges of 0.5, 1, and 2 m and the ability to fire it downward with launch angles from -45º to 90º.

The Projectile Launcher uses plastic balls while the Mini Launcher uses steel balls.  Both include a loading rod, angle indicator, plumb bobs and a 2D collision accessory for studying conservation of momentum in two dimensions.

The Projectile Launcher is designed to be clamped to a lab table while the Mini Launcher can be clamped directly to a table or used with the optional mounting rod.

Buy and save!  The Projectile Launcher Smart Gate System is a complete package that includes our Mini Launcher, a Smart Gate and Projectile Mounting Bracket, a Table Clamp, and a Steel Mounting Rod for a lower price than buying each piece separately.

Projectile Launcher


Launch plastic spheres up to 5 m with highly repeatable results.

Mini Launcher


Launch metal spheres up to 2 m with highly repeatable results.

Projectile Launcher Smart Gate System


Study projectile motion and measure speeds accurately with the system containing the mini launcher and Smart gate.

Adding Measurement

Adding a photogate mounting bracket and our Smart Gate (a dual photogate) provides accurate measurements of the initial velocity of a projectile shot from one of our Launchers. 

Want to measure the time-of-flight of the projectile? Our Time-of-Flight Accessory does exactly that. It connects to the Smart Gate allowing all the important parameters of the projectile's flight to be measured.

Carbon paper is a tried and true method of marking where the ball hits the surface and determining the distance traveled.

Smart Gate


Photogate that can be connected to any PASPORT interface, has auxiliary port to daisy chain gates, double beams for accurate speed measurement, and a special photogate tape slot.

Photogate Mounting Bracket


This bracket mounts one or two Photogate Heads or a Smart Gate on any PASCO Projectile Launcher.

Time-of-Flight Accessory


Use with a Photogate to capture time of flght data. Timing starts when object passes through photogate and stops when object impacts this landing pad. For use with PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.

Carbon Paper (100 Sheets)


Carbon paper is ideal for marking the position of an object as it strikes the floor or any other surface.

Great Demos

Two ways of showing students the independence of x and y motion are the classic "Shoot-the-Target" or "Monkey and Hunter" demonstration as well as launching a projectile horizontally while simultaneously dropping another as our Drop Shoot Accessory allows you to do.

Shoot-The-Target is compatible with both the Projectile Launcher and Mini Launcher

The Drop Shoot Accessory is compatible with the Projectile Launcher only.



This photogate-triggered drop box has a unique electromagnet design for a quick release of the target.

Drop Shoot Accessory


Clearly demonstrate the independence of x and y motion using this accessory with the Short or Long Range Projectile Launchers (ME-6800, ME-6801).