Essential Physics 2nd Edition

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Essential Physics is both textbook that covers core physics topics as well as a matching e-Book that adds incredible features and tools for learning.


Essential Physics is a great full-color, comprehensive textbook paired with the only e-Book to offer over 100 interactive tools to increase student engagement and understanding.

Clearly written with high quality illustrations, it has a focus on practical applications connecting students to the physics in both nature nand the technology of our civilization.  Essential Physics is also correlated to state and and national standards.


However, what sets Essential Physics apart is the complete and interactive e-Book. Animations, videos, interactive equations and simulations bring concepts to life for students in ways that text and static images simply cannot. Combined with resources for teachers and optional equipment for lab investigations, Essential Physics forms a seamless learning system for mastering physics.

All the power of the e-Book is accessible through PC, Mac, tablet, and even smart phones! All academic standards are also met with the printed text that is page-for-page identical to the e-Book. You have the peace of mind of a reliable, clean, textbook while allowing students to enjoy all the interactive benefits of the e-Book. Parents are happy to see a book and Essential Physics offers an ideal transition strategy between today's classroom and tomorrow’s technology-enabled classroom.



Ergopedia is now a part of PASCO scientific.

For over 20 years Tom Hsu has been creating forward thinking teaching curriculum and innovative lab equipment, including with Ergopedia and its flagship product, Essential Physics.

We're proud to offer the most powerful and flexible option for teaching high school physics.

Let Dr. Hsu take you on a guided tour of Essential Physics so you can see for yourself the powerful features that take it beyond what other physics textbooks are capable of.


Using the e-Book

Many e-Books are nothing more than digital versions of a traditional text. Essential Physics proves that good technology should do much more than turn a page.

But what about ease of use for teachers and students? The e-Book is cross platform, works with or without an internet connection and doesn't require any software to be installed. 

Navigating the e-Book is also simple and easy as it uses technology to improve and streamline the experience rather than complicating it.


Sample Simulations

  • Simulation: Orbits of Solar System Objects
  • Simulation: Velocity in Accelerated Motion


Essential Physics 2nd Edition

Essential Physics 2nd Edition

EP-6321   - 

This version includes the full-color, hardcover textbook as well as the interactive e-Book as a DVD and an online license.

Essential Physics 2nd Edition

Essential Physics 2nd Edition

EP-6321-DVD   - 

This version includes just the interactive e-Book as a DVD and an online license.


  Essential Physics 2nd Edition
Essential Physics 2nd Edition
Hardcover Textbook
Student license for the online e-Book
DVD version of the interactive book


e-Book Details

Supported Devices
  • Windows computers and tablets, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets & smartphones and Chromebooks
Supported Browsers
  • Chrome, Firefox, MicrosoftEdge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.
Account administration
  • Each school gets a single annual access code that is shared by all students. There are no individual student accounts. Students may be exchanged or added up to the number of accounts purchased. The only administrative requirement is to report enrollment on a simple on-line form once per year to obtain the next year’s access code. One enrollment number, once a year.
Offline Access
  • The Essential Physics folder can be opened from a local copy on any device or intranet server. Students do not need in-class Internet access! Of course, a full on-line version is also available for use anywhere. And, the same school-wide access code works for for both the online version and the local version.*
  • *The online assessment test bank and test/assignment builder requires teacher access to the Internet, but not student access.
  • The Essential Physics e-Book is an encapsulated HTML5 file that can be opened locally from any browser. Simply copy the Essential Physics folder onto any device or intranet server. That’s it! There is no software to install to use the e-Book.

Look inside

View sample pages from Essential Physics

Or see the full Table of Contents 

  • Essential Physics is standards based, interactive and makes full use of its electronic format with animations, videos, simulations and much more.
  • The textbook of the future, today. It runs on all platforms with or without an internet connection with an array of learning tools at the fingertips of students.
  • Interactives take equations from symbols on a page to quickly understood concepts. What does changing initial position do? What effect does a negative acceleration have?
  • 136 pre-prepped lessons include PowerPoint slides, lesson plans,
    student assignments and answer keys. Here's a look at standardized test practice at the end of a chapter.
  • Essential Physics challenges students to think like engineers with design projects. In the e-Book version, students are aided by a video explanation.

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Add the lab equipment that was designed for use with the Essential Physics textbook for a complete solution.