Essential Physics Forces and Machines

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The Forces and Machines Engineering Kit contains everything shown.


Our Forces and Machines Kit engages students in a wide range of physics, physical science, and engineering concepts. Two triple-pulley blocks make it easy to build machines with mechanical advantages up to 6:1. Build all three classes of levers with our pair of 20 cm levers, or combine gears, levers, and pulleys together to show how rotating machines work.

What you need:

  • 1 Set of Teacher Resources per classroom or lab (Included)
  • 1 Forces and Machines Engineering Kit per lab group (Included)
  • 1 additional Tripod Stand per lab group (Not included)*
  • 1 set of Weights per lab group  (Not included)*

*See the buying guide for the additional tripod stand and the weights set.


Essential Physics Forces and Machines Engineering Kit

Essential Physics Forces and Machines Engineering Kit

EP-3577   - 

This exceptional kit allows you to build a low-friction block-and-tackle with advantage up to 6:1, gear machines up to 18:1, and all three classes of levers as well as explore Hooke's law. Engineering design is easy to teach as your students explore different configurations of machines using levers, pulleys, gears, and weights. Two high-quality, metal spring scales are included.

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  • Extruded rail
  • 10 N metal spring scales (2)
  • Tripod stand (2)
  • Universal spring hanger
  • Right-angle connector with pulley (2)
  • Fixed triple block pulley
  • Hanging triple block pulley
  • 25 cm Hooke's Law Spring
  • Friction Block
  • Quick-attach gear hubs (4)
  • Gear spacers (8)
  • 20 cm levers (2)
  • 60 tooth spur gears (2)
  • 40 tooth spur gears (2)
  • 20 tooth spur gears (3)
  • 20 cm diameter large pulleys (2)
  • Weights
  • Braided yellow cord (10 ft)


Buying Guide


NOTE: This kit includes a single Tripod Stand but two stands are required for use. Weights are also not included.

This is done to allow users who have other Essential Physics Modules (such as Motion and Robotics) to share Tripod Stands between kits instead of purchasing extra stands. The kit also does not include weights in case users want to use their own existing masses.