Comprehensive 850 Physics System Experiment Manual - UI-5813


Newton's 2nd Law is one of 87 experiments detailed in this experiment manual.


The experiments in this manual are designed to use the Comprehensive 850 Physics System and the 850 Universal Interface. The experiments are written in PASCO Capstone Workbooks, so teachers can easily modify them to fit their needs. 

Note: This manual is included in both the 850 Comprehensive Physics System (UI-5800B) and the 850 Comprehensive Mechanics System (UI-5801).

PASCO Capstone workbook files with sample data are supplied for each experiment. PASCO Capstone workbook files are manuals in electronic form with step-by-step instructions and interactive displays and analysis tools.

The experiments are written on the level of advanced high school or introductory college physics.

Downloads:  Every experiment is available in the Resources section below. Each .zip file contains Capstone files as well as editable Word files for each lab.


Flash Drive containing:

  • PASCO Capstone Files
  • Graphics
  • Editable Word files
  • Experiments

    Mechanics (49 Experiments)

    1. Introduction to Measurement

    2. Uncertainty and Error Analysis

    3. Relative Motion

    4. Match Graph-Position and Velocity vs. time

    5. Instantaneous and Average Speed

    6. Position and Velocity

    7. Acceleration

         A. Constant Acceleration: Graph P, V, A for a Fan Cart

         B. Constant Velocity and Constant Acceleration

    8. Equations of Motion

    9. Acceleration Due to Gravity

    10. Acceleration of a Freely Falling Picket Fence

    11. Constant Acceleration: Graph P, V, A for a Cart on Incline

    12. Projectile Motion

    13. Projectile Motion-Against Wall

    14. Newton’s First Law – No Net Force

    15. Newton’s Second Law - Acceleration

    16. Newton’s Second Law – Force & Acceleration

    17. Newton’s Second Law – Push-Pull a Cart

    18. Newton’s Third Law – Tug-of-War

    19. Newton’s Laws - Net Force

    20. Newton’s Second Law – Atwood’s Machine

    21. Newton’s Second Law –Acceleration on an Inclined Plane

    22. Static Equilibrium

    23. Coefficients of Static and Sliding Friction

    24. Friction & Newton's Second Law

    25. Magnetic Drag

         A. Magnetic Drag Part 1

         B. Magnetic Drag Part 2

    26. Air Drag

    27. Centripetal Force on a Pendulum

    28. Conservation of Energy - Cart on an Inclined Plane

    29. Gravitational Potential Energy

    30. Conservation of Energy for a Simple Pendulum

    31. Hooke’s Law and Elastic Potential Energy

    32. Work-Energy Theorem: Compare W to ΔE

    33. Conservation of Momentum and KE in Collisions

    34. Impulse and Change in Momentum

    35. Ballistic Pendulum

    36. Newton's 2nd Law for Rotation

    37. Rotational Inertia

    38. Rotational Kinetic Energy

    39. Conservation of Angular Momentum

    40. Static Equilibrium of a Rigid Body

    41. Oscillations: Springs in Series and Parallel

    42. Oscillations of Cart and Springs

    43. Equations of Motion for Oscillations

    44. Driven Harmonic Motion – Mass on a Spring

    45. Physical Pendulum

    46. Period of a Large Amplitude Pendulum

    47. Variable-g Pendulum

    48. Advanced Oscillations

    49. Archimedes’ Principle - Buoyant Force

    Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics 
    (22 Experiments)

    1. Heat and Temperature

    2. Transfer of Energy by Radiation

    3. Specific Heat

    4. Electrical Equivalent of Heat

    5. Boyle’s Law: P and V of a Gas at Constant T

    6. Absolute Zero

    7. Behavior and Characteristics of Sound Waves

    8. Standing Waves on a String

    9. Resonant Modes of Sound in a Tube

    10. Speed of Sound in Air

    11. Superposition of Sound Waves

    12. Interference of Sound Waves

    13. Shadow and Color in Light

    14. Object and Image Distances for a Thin Lens

    15. Light Properties

         A. Reflection

         B. Refraction

         C. Dispersion

    16. Focal Length of a Concave Mirror

    17. Optical Instruments: Telescope and Microscope

    18. Variation of Light Intensity

    19. Light Intensity versus Distance

    20. Polarization: Verify Malus’ Law

    21. Brewster’s Angle

    22. Diffraction of Light

    (16 Experiments)

    1. Electrostatic Charges

    2. Electric Field Mapping

    3. Ohm’s Law

    4. Series Parallel Circuits

    5. Kirchhoff’s Laws: Resistors in Series and Parallel

    6. Capacitance

    7. RC Circuit

    8. LRC Series Circuits & Resonance

    9. General Properties of Diodes

    10. Build a Rectifier

    11. Transistor 1 – The NPN Transistor as a Digital Switch

    12. Transistor 2 – Measure the Current Gain

    13. Earth’s Magnetic Field

    14. Magnetic Field Mapping

    15. Induction – Magnet Through a Coil

    16. Magnetic Field in a Current-Carrying Coil

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