Heater Stirrer - PS-3401



The Heater-Stirrer is a lab essential.

The compact heater-stirrer has a white ceramic top that is ideal for heating and for seeing color changes when mixing solutions. It has been designed to withstand spills. Its safety features include warning labels and indicator LEDs. The included rod also makes it easy to support sensors.

When used as a heater:

This compact new Heater-Stirrer can boil water in minutes. The ceramic top provides an even heating surface and the indicator LEDs let you know when the top is hot.

When used as a stirrer:

This new apparatus is great for mixing solutions. The white top makes color changes during titrations easy to see.

The Heater-Stirrer can be used in conjunction with our Essential Chemistry curriculum.


  • Heater/Stirrer
  • Magnetic Stir Bar
  • Support Rod
  • Specifications

    Speed Range
    • 50 - 1500 RPM
    Plate diameter
    • 135 mm
    Max temperature
    • 310 °C