Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor - PS-3202


The Wireless Force Acceleration sensor contains 50 N load cell and a three axis accelerometer and gyro and it connects directly to your devices via USB or Bluetooth.


Capable of measuring force, acceleration, and rotation, this sensor is ideal for experiments involving rotating platforms, moving carts, spring oscillations, collisions, and impulse. 

The wireless design offers improved measurements without a cable affecting experiment outcome. Finger-holes support handheld applications, or mount it onto a cart or rod. 

The Teaching Advantage

  • Simultaneously measures force and acceleration. Measures acceleration in x, y, and z axes and resultant acceleration. Built-in gyroscope measures rotation.
  • Features convenient Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity with simple, one touch in-app pairing.
  • Probe can be quickly zeroed through software for accurate taring.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Logging mode allows force, acceleration and rotation data to be recorded directly on the sensor for long term experiments. The logged data can later be uploaded to software for complete analysis.

Special Features

  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Logging
  • +/- 50 N force sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer (+/- 16 g)
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • Finger-holes
  • Built-in rod clamp

Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Connectivity

Required Software:

PASCO products that use Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity (wireless sensors, Smart Carts, and the AirLink) require the latest versions of our software.

PASCO Capstone is available for Mac and Windows. SPARKvue is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

Additionally, the Wireless Motion Sensor and Wireless Smart Carts can be connected via Bluetooth and used with our MatchGraph app.

Compatibility/System Requirements

Any current model Chromebook, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone will support direct connection to PASCO Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Also, any Windows 10 device with Creators Edition 1703 or later will support direct connection.

Chromebook users MUST have the latest firmware updates for ALL wireless sensors in order to use them without the USB Bluetooth Adapter. Full information.

All other Windows computers/tablets, older Macs, and Chromebooks without updated sensor firmware currently require the PS‑3500 USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect to PASCO’s Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Full compatibility details are available, including compatibility information for older computing devices.


Independent datalogging 

Long term data collection directly on the sensor

In logging mode wireless sensors collect data to their onboard memory for hours, days, weeks or even months at a time without needing to be connected to a computer, tablet, Chromebook or smartphone.

When the experiment is concluded, simply connect the sensor to a device running PASCO software and download all the measurements it recorded.



An overview of the Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor and a general video regarding the use of PASCO Bluetooth® Smart products.

New Storage Option

Simplify storage & inventory

Custom Gratnells Tray for Wireless Force Acceleration Sensors (PS-3595)

The precision cut inserts are designed to accommodate up to 10 Wireless Force Acceleration Sensors

See the buying guide below for details


  • Bumper Attachment
  • Eye bolt/Hook Attachment
  • Cart/Bracket Thumbscrew
  • Rod Clamp Thumbscrew
  • USB Cable (for recharging and optional direct connection)
  • Specifications

    • +/- 50 N
    • +/- 0.1 N
    • 0.03 N
    Max Sample Rate
    • 1000 Hz
    Force Overload Protection
    • Up to 75 N without damage
    Beam deflection
    • 0.28 mm
    Mounting Options
    • Mounts on PASCO carts
    • Mounts on standard 12.7 mm diameter rods
    Output Voltage
    • N/A (digital)
    • Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer
    • (Expected life of 3-4 months on a single charge with normal use)
    • Yes
    • Direct USB or via Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth 4.0)
    • Max wireless range of 30 m (unobstructed)

    Teacher Guides and Labs

    View experiments that can be performed using the Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor (PS-3202). There are 28 experiments available.

    Elementary School Teacher Guide (PS-2875D)

    1 - Heavy and Heavier

    9 - Conservation of Matter

    Middle School Physical Science Teacher Guide (PS-3852)

    1 - Archimedes’ Principle

    13 - Newton’s First Law

    14 - Newton’s Third Law

    18 - Simple Machines and Force

    23 - Work and Mechanical Advantage

    Physical Science through Inquiry Teacher Guide (PS-2843B)

    17 - Introduction to Force

    18 - Archimedes’ Principle

    20 - Newton’s Second Law

    21 - Newton’s Third Law

    Physics through Inquiry Teacher Guide (PS-2873C)

    6 - Introduction to Force

    7 - Archimedes’ Principle

    8 - Hooke’s Law

    10 - Newton’s Second Law

    11 - Newton’s Third Law

    12 - Static and Kinetic Friction

    15 - Impulse Momentum

    16 - Work and Energy

    17 - Simple Harmonic Motion

    19 - Circular Motion

    20 - Centripetal Force


    Better Bumpers (SPARKlab)

    Newton's Second Law (SPARKlab)

    Newton's Third Law (SPARKlab)

    Buying Guide

    USB Bluetooth Adapter

    Windows devices, Chromebooks and older Macs lack native Bluetooth® Smart support and require an adapter to use PASCO wireless products.

    All current model Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets or phones support direct connection to PASCO Bluetooth Smart devices and do not require the adapter.

    Full compatibility details are available.

    USB Bluetooth Adapter   PS-3500
    Force Sensor Spares Kit
    Replacement Parts

    A set of six replacement thumbscrews, hooks, and bumpers for PASCO Force Sensors.

    Force Sensor Spares Kit   CI-6463
    Wireless Centripetal Force Accessory
    Rotating Platform

    Use your Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor to measure centripetal force and acceleration with the centripetal force accessory and a rotating platform.

    Wireless Centripetal Force Accessory   ME-8094
    Rotating Platform   ME-8951
    Rocket Engine Test Bracket
    Magnetic Bumper Set
    Force Sensor Track Bracket
    Force Sensor Balance Stand
    Rocket Engine Test Bracket   ME-6617
    Magnetic Bumper Set   ME-9885A
    Force Sensor Track Bracket   ME-6622
    Force Sensor Balance Stand   CI-6460

    Software Required

    SPARKvue software or PASCO Capstone software may be used. PASCO Capstone is available for Mac and Windows. SPARKvue is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

    Learn more about Bluetooth Compatibility.