Blood Pressure Cuff (small) - PS-2531



The PS-2531 is a small sized cuff designed to be used with the PASCO Blood Pressure Sensor (PS-2207).  It is constructed of durable nylon and has a bulb and valve.  If you need a different size, the PS-2532 (medium) and PS-2533 (large) are also available.

Note:  The color of the actual product may differ from the photo shown.

Measure the circumference of the upper arm.  The ranges below show which is the appropriate cuff given this measurement:

Small - 19.0 to 27.2 cm circumference
Standard - 26.1 to 40.9 cm circumference
Large - 34.3 to 50.9 cm circumference

For a given classroom it is generally a good idea to have a range of sizes in order to fit all of your students.

The Blood Pressure Cuff (small) (PS-2531) is a replacement part for the:

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Blood Pressure Cuff (standard)
Blood Pressure Cuff (large)
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Blood Pressure Cuff (standard)   PS-2532
Blood Pressure Cuff (large)   PS-2533

For Educational Use Only

Note: This is not a medical device. PASCO products are designed for educational use only and should not be used in any apparatus involved with life support, medical testing, or patient diagnosis, or industrial control. It is also not intended for use in graduate research or industry including industrial control or any type of industrial testing.