PASPORT Visual Accelerometer - PS-2128



Our Visual Accelerometer is a major advance in teaching the concept of acceleration. It actually shows the acceleration of a dynamics cart, a free falling body, an auto … anything you attach it to. Ten high-intensity wide-angle LEDs indicate the magnitude and direction of acceleration for more effective learning. Our Visual Accelerometer is also a PASPORT sensor. Connect it to any PASPORT interface and graph acceleration real-time or datalog it for later download.

  • Three ranges cover activities from elevator acceleration to freefall to a sharp turn in a car.
  • Auto scale and peak-hold for maximum sensitivity and accelerations too quick for the eye to see.
  • Zero (tare) button negates the effect of sensor orientation.
  • Easily attaches to dynamic carts

An overview of PASCO Dynamics Systems and all the available systems, components and accessories.

Typical Applications

  • Measure acceleration during simple harmonic motion
  • Measure acceleration due to gravity
  • Discover the acceleration of an elevator
  • Measure acceleration of a pendulum


  • Auto scale sets full-scale range to last measurement.
  • Peak hold stores highest reading.
  • Case has ties for pendulum motion and a pass-through so the sensor can be thrown vertically along a rope.


  • Plastic M5 screws for attachment to a dynamics cart (2)
  • PASPORT Sensor Extension Cable
  • 3 AA batteries
  • Specifications

    Measurement range of sensor
    • ±1 m/s2 (0.1g) to ± 20 m/s2 (2g)
    • 0.2 m/s2 accuracy
    • 0.01 m/s2 resolution
    Selectable ranges
    • ±1 m/s2 (0.1g)
    • ±5 m/s2 (0.5g)
    • ±20 m/s2 (2g)

    Buying Guide

    Interface Required

    To use this product you need a PASCO interface. 

    New to probeware or have questions about  sensors or interfaces? Contact Teacher and Technical Support.  We're here to help!

    Software Required

    SPARKvue software or PASCO Capstone software may be used. PASCO Capstone is available for Mac and Windows. SPARKvue is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

    Learn more about Bluetooth Compatibility.