Adjustable Lens Holder - OS-8474



The Adjustable Lens Holder adds flexibility to the Basic Optics System. It allows you to position unmounted lenses and mirrors at the same height as the rest of the Basic Optics System components. Its three adjustable arms snugly hold the lens or mirror in place and the holder snaps easily onto the Basic Optics Bench.


  • Holds circular optics components between 20 and 75 millimeters in diameter
  • Has three locking adjustable arms
  • Snaps into 60 cm or 120 cm Basic Optics Benches or the Dynamics Track Optics Carriage


  • Adjustable Lens Holder (lenses not included)
  • How It Works

    The holder has three sliding arms that can be adjusted for different-sized lenses. Each arm is marked with a range of diameters corresponding to the diameter of the lens to be held, from 20 mm to 75 mm. Line up the appropriate diameter marks on the two lower arms with triangular marks on the ring. Rest the edge of the lens in the lower two arms then slide the top arm down. A set screw in each adjustable arm ensures the lens or mirror will remain in place.

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