Fan Cart Replacement Battery - ME-6976



A high energy density lithium-polymer replacement battery which can run the fan continuously at medium thrust for about 1.5 hours before the ‘low-battery’ LED begins to flash. Since the battery recharges quickly (typically in one hour), even short periods (10 - 20 minutes) with the charger plugged in will recharge the battery sufficiently. 


The Fan Cart Replacement Battery (ME-6976) is a replacement part for the:

Special Features

  • Partial charging and recharging will not adversely affect the battery life.
  • The replaceable battery pack is designed to last at least five years in normal
  • Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, for maximum battery life, the lithium-polymer
    battery pack should not be run down completely before recharging.
  • The battery pack can be left in a partially charged state for long periods without
  • Maximum battery life can be attained by charging the battery after each use.