Force Sensor Track Bracket - ME-6622


The Force Sensor Track Bracket is ideal for collision studies.


Explore elastic and inelastic collisions using any of our force sensors and any of our dynamics carts and tracks.

The Force Bracket mounts a PASCO Force Sensor directly to an aluminum or polycarbonate dynamics track and may be used with all PASCO Dynamics Carts, including Smart Carts. 

It is also compatible with all PASCO Force Sensors, including the Wireless Force/Acceleration Sensor.

It includes 5 collision attachments for the Force Sensor and conveniently stores each attachment on the bracket itself.

Using any of these attachments, the bracket serves as an excellent support or target for collision studies using PASCO Force Sensors.

This bracket replaces both the CI-6545 and ME-8973A

Replacement bumpers are available.

Enlarge Image
Force vs Time graphs for collisions using the clay, spring and magnetic bumpers.


  • Bracket
  • Light Spring Bumper
  • Heavy Spring Bumper
  • Magnetic Bumper
  • Rubber Bumper
  • Clay Cup for Inelastic Collisions (clay included)
  • T-screws for mounting on track (4)
  • #0 Phillips Head Screwdriver (to attach to Force Sensors)
  • Thumb Screw (for attaching Force Sensor)
  • Buying Guide

    Bumper Accessory Set
    Magnetic Bumper Set

    The Bumper Accessory Kit includes the light and heavy springs and the clay cup and clay. The magnetic bumper set includes two replacement magnetic bumpers.

    Bumper Accessory Set   ME-9884
    Magnetic Bumper Set   ME-9885A