Smart Fan Accessory - ME-1242


Shown in use with a Smart Cart. PASCO software allows for a range of programmability for the Smart Fan Accessory when used with a Smart Cart.


An innovative accessory for the PASCO Smart Cart!

When the Smart Fan Accessory is connected to a Smart Cart it allows for an unprecedented level of programmability and functionality. 

Students can wirelessly control the Smart Fan Accessory using PASCO software, turning it on or off, or adjusting the amount of thrust. More advanced features are also available*. Users can program specific start/stop conditions and the Smart Fan Accessory can even be controlled using calculations based on measurements from the Smart Cart's onboard sensors or from other PASCO sensors. This makes it a great option for investigations into closed-loop control. 

Compatible with all other PASCO dynamics carts as well.

The Smart Fan Accessory can be connected and used with any PASCO dynamics cart to demonstrate basic principles of motion. It can be used as a simple fan in manual push button mode, adjusting between low, medium, and high speeds.

*Advanced features require PASCO Capstone software.

Controlling the Smart Fan Accessory using PASCO Capstone.

The Smart Fan Accessory (ME-1242) is an accessory for the:

Typical Applications

  • Investigate Newton's 2nd Law. The fan provides the force and the mass of the system is all in one place, making it easier for students to understand.
  • Measure the acceleration of the cart due to a constant force from the Smart Fan Accessory. Repeat while varying the force from the fan or the mass of the cart.
  • Determine the force of the Smart Fan Accessory by connecting the cart to a hanging mass. Adjust the hanging mass until the cart doesn't move. Vary the fan speed and repeat.
  • Counteract the fan's force with the force of gravity using an inclined track. Increase the incline angle until the cart cannot climb it.
  • Create your own activities using PASCO Capstone to create start/stop conditions and calculations to control the activity of the Smart Fan Accessory.

Attach it to any PASCO cart

  • Easily attaches to the rails of the mass tray on PASCO carts
  • Simple one button operation
  • Three available speeds
  • Provide a consistent force

Plug it into a Smart Cart!

  • Simple cable connection
  • Turns on and off wirelessly
  • Control start and stop conditions
  • Sense and control: Program thrust to respond to calculations from sensor measurements


  • Smart Fan
  • Cable for connecting to Smart Cart (19 cm)
  • AA batteries (4)
  • How It Works

    The Smart Fan Accessory connects directly to a Smart Cart using the included cable. Once the Smart Cart is paired normally in PASCO software, the Smart Fan Accessory   then will be available for control through either SPARKvue or Capstone software. 

    When using SPARKvue a slider control allows for a variable amount of positive or negative thrust.

    When using PASCO Capstone controls allow for adjustments the level of thrust, the ability to set start/stop conditions, and even the use of calculations for precise control of the fan. This allows for remote "sense and control" operation where the Smart Fan Accessory responds to feedback from the Smart Cart and/or other PASCO sensors and adjusts thrust level and direction accordingly.

    The Smart Fan Accessory uses 4 AA batteries.


    Mass of the Smart Fan (including 4 AA batteries)
    • Approximately 280 g
    • The masses of batteries may vary so it is important to measure the mass of the Smart Fan Accessory yourself.

    Buying Guide

    Smart Cart (Red)
    Smart Cart (Blue)
    PAScar Red
    PAScar Blue
    Plunger Cart
    Collision Cart
    Required - One of the following

    The Smart Fan Accessory can be used with any PASCO cart, though it's advanced features are only available when used in conjunction with a Smart Cart.

    Smart Cart (Red)   ME-1240
    Smart Cart (Blue)   ME-1241
    PAScar Red   ME-6933
    PAScar Blue   ME-6934
    Plunger Cart   ME-9430
    Collision Cart   ME-9454