Magnetic Forces on Wires Experiment - EX-9933



Magnets are mounted on an iron yoke and placed on a balance (resolution of at least 0.01 g). One of the conducting paths is suspended between the magnets. The balance is used to measure the mass of the magnets and yoke prior to any current passing through the conducting path. Current is then passed through the conducting path, producing a force. The change in reading on the balance can be converted to find the magnetic force between the conductor and magnetic field.

Conductors of different length are included to measure the effect of length on magnetic force. Magnetic field can be varied by changing the number of magnets in the yoke. The power source is used to change the current supplied to the conductor. The Current Balance Accessory includes all the components needed to test the effect of angle on magnetic force.

PASCO Advantage:
PASCO's Magnetic Force in Wires Experiment allows students to study the key variables (conductor length, current, magnetic field strength and angle) that affect magnetic force.

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