Light Intensity vs. Distance Experiment - EX-5547A



In this experiment designed for use with PASCO Capstone software, the student measures intensity as a function of distance from a point of source and from an extended (5 cm x 5 cm) source. Manipulations of a computer model verifies that for the point source, the intensity drops off like an inverse square. But for extended source, the data cannot be fir by an inverse square relationship.

PASCO Advantage

As the student slides the light sensor away from the Light Source, the Optics Track keeps everything aligned. The Rotary Motion Sensor measures the position, allowing the intensity vs. distance graph to be plotted in real-time. Students immediately see the relationship between distance and intensity of light.

Measured intensity vs. position compared to Inverse Square Law.

Buying Guide

Required - One of the following

Interface Required

A 550 Universal Interface or 850 Universal Interface is required for use with this product.  Compare the 550 and 850.

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Software Required

This product requires or recommends PASCO Capstone for data collection and analysis.