Basic Electrostatics System - ES-9080B



The PASCO Basic Electrostatics System includes all the components necessary for a quantitative investigation into the basics of electrostatics. With this integrated set of equipment, students can study:

  • Production of charges, equal and opposite
  • Charge by induction
  • Principle of the Faraday Ice Pail
  • Charge transfer
  • Charge distribution in electric fields
  • Capacitors and the Q=CV relationship
  • Moving charges and current

Although designed primarily for student lab use, the system is also well-suited for lecture demonstrations. The open mesh Faraday Ice Pail allows students to see what happens "inside." The computer interface output permits large screen displays of the Electrometer readings.

The Electrometer:

The Electrometer both improves the effectiveness of existing electrostatics demonstrations and permits many new experiments. The traditional measuring device for electrostatics, an electroscope, is only roughly quantitative and does not indicate polarity. The Electrometer has a meter that indicates both a quantity and polarity. The Electrometer features higher sensitivity, variable sensitivity and the capability for a large display.

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