Forces and Motion Kit - EP-3576

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Designed for use with the labs from the Comprehensive Physics Investigations Student Lab Manual, this kit allows for 19 lab activities in mechanics to be performed.

The Forces and Motion Kit (EP-3576) is designed for use with the following lab manual:

The activities from that manual that use the equipment from this kit are:

1: Graphs of motion
2: Motion graphs
3: Acceleration on a ramp
4: A model for accelerated motion
5: Newton's second law
6: Hooke's law
7: Static and kinetic friction
8: Projectile motion
9: Acceleration on an inclined plane
10: Static equilibrium
11: Work and the force versus distance graph
12: Inclined plane and the conservation of energy
13: Work and energy
14: Springs and the conservation of energy
15: Work done by friction
16: Design a crash barrier
17: Conservation of momentum
18: Inelastic collisions
19: Elastic collisions


  • Forces and Motion Components Set (EP-3576-GTR)
    • Smart Cart (Blue) (ME-1241)
    • Cart Masses (set of 2) (ME-6757A)
    • Dynamics Track End Stop (2 pack) (ME-8971)
    • Super Pulley with Clamp (ME-9488B)
    • Angle Indicator (ME-9495A)
    • Friction Block - IDS (ME-9807)
    • Gratnells® Storage Tray
  • Force Accessories (EP-3562)
  • Tripod Stand (EP-3572)
  • Tripod Track Bracket (EP-3573)
  • Dynamics Track Feet (pair) (ME-8972)
  • 1.2m Starter Dynamics Track (ME-9493)
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    Comprehensive Physics Investigations

    This kit is designed to be used with the activities from this manual.

    Comprehensive Physics Investigations   EP-6326

    Software Required

    SPARKvue software or PASCO Capstone software may be used. PASCO Capstone is available for Mac and Windows. SPARKvue is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

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