Charge Sensor - CI-6555

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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PASCO's Charge Sensor is designed for experiments in electrostatics such as inductive charging, charge production and distribution, charge on a capacitor, etc.

Typical Applications

  • Connect to a Faraday Ice Pail to measure the total charge on an object by the induction method
  • Use as a high-input impedance voltmeter (1012Ω)


Sensor Gain
  • 1x, 5x and 20x
Voltage Range
  • ±10 V at 1x gain
  • ±2 V at 5x gain
  • ±0.5 V at 20x gain
Charge Range
  • ±0.1µC at 1x gain
  • ±0.02µC at 5x gain
  • ±0.005µC at 20x gain
Input Capacitance
  • 0.01µF ±5%
Input Resistance
  • 1012 ohms (1000 gigaohms)
Maximum Input Voltage
  • 150 V
Input cable
  • Shielded, 0.9m, alligator clip termination

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