Force Sensor - CI-6537



PASCO's durable, reliable Force Sensor was designed specifically for the student physics lab. Wide-range, high-frequency response and a low noise transducer help generate excellent impulse graphs, smooth harmonic motion data and more. The sensor's special strain gauge consistently generates the same output for the same force. Damping materials reduce vibrations caused by collisions without affecting results. Any dynamics cart accessories can be mounted on top of the Force Sensor.

  • Ignores Side Loads
  • -50 to +50 N range
  • Built-in Accessory Tray

Typical Applications

  • Measure force during elastic and inelastic collisions
  • Measure force exerted by an oscillating mass
  • Measure force of a swinging pendulum


Output Voltage
  • +8 V for +50 N (pushing)
    +8 V for -50 N (pulling)
Output Noise
  • ±2 mV
Slew Rate
  • 25 N/ms
Force Range
  • ±50 N
  • 0.03 N or 3.1 grams
Bandwidth Limit
  • 2 kHz (internal low pass filter)
Output Drive
  • 8 meters of cable without instability
Zero-Tare Function
  • Push button
Force Overload Protection
  • Mechanical stop prevents forces of more than 50 N from damaging the sensor
Pin Configuration
  • 8-pin DIN plug
Mounting Options
  • Mounts on standard 12.7 mm support rods

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