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Building Better Bridges Kit

Teach engineering concepts with this complete STEM bridge-building program.

Blog Post

Modeling Conservation and Change

How can students identify when a chemical change has taken place?

This engaging activity has students investigating the fundamentals of chemical changes. Using molecular models it can also expand to the concepts of conservation of mass and the rearrangement of atoms.

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Wireless Temperature Sensor

No cables and adapters to manage!

Easy-to-use and rugged — connects directly to all your devices without the need for an interface.

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Middle School Science Teacher Guides

All-new, standards-based, STEM-focused Middle School Science Teacher Guides for Earth Science, Physical Science or Life Science have been designed by educators and curriculum experts for both new and experienced teachers.

Wireless Middle School Science Standard Bundle

A bundle of the most commonly used sensors for Middle School Science including Earth, Life, and Physical Science.