Materials Testing System

The most cost effective way to reliably teach tension, column buckling, bending and shear. The PASCO Materials Testing System includes everything needed to do tensile testing straight out of the box.

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Structures Systems

Build and measure any structure.

Use load cells to collect sample data as force is applied.

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Statics System

Designed to teach the fundamentals of statics.

Demonstrate static equilibrium and vectors with PASCO’s Statics System - a Magnetic Workboard and Components perfect for demonstrations as well as group or individual explorations.

  • Hooke’s Law
  • Torque
  • Center of Mass
  • The Inclined Plane
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Simple Machines
  • Forces on a boom
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PASCO’s Pipe Network

Build it your way.

Instrument it with PASCO’s pressure and flow sensors.

  • Measure Flow Rate
  • Measure Pressure
  • Create Pump Curves
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Using a 3D printer, and our provided files, easily print any of our growing number of DIY projects. Some of the projects include:

  • A Giant Smart Cart facade that fits a real Smart Cart inside
  • Beams and Trusses for use in the Materials Testing System
  • Custom Blades and Adapters for the Renewable Energy Kit
  • A ring so that you can wrap your own coils
  • Motion Sensor Bracket that attaches to an Air Track
  • And more!
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