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Blog Post: Enzyme Activity in AP* Biology

As biological catalysts enzymes play a crucial role in biological processes. In this activity students will investigate the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen using peroxidase.

In order to view the reaction in real-time a bit of Guaiacol is added to the solution and the reaction monitored with our Wireless Spectrometer due to the fact that Guaiacol changes color as it oxides.

A free lab handout for this activity is provided.

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Blog Post: Enzyme Activity in AP Biology
Sample Data from investigation of Peroxidase reaction at different pH levels

* AP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product or activity.

Blog Post: Transpiration with a Potometer

Transpiration is an important concept in both biology and environmental science, especially in terms of role it plays in the water cycle. As water evaporates from the stoma of leaves water is pulled up (due to hydrogen bonding) through the xylem from the roots which have drawn the water from the surrounding soil.  

Because transpiration is essentially an invisible process, a potometer is used to measure the rate of water lost to the air.  The advantages that sensor technology makes in many investigations in biology and environmental science are that it allows students to see the data in real time while great improving the accuracy and significantly decreasing the time needed to capture data.

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Blog Post: Transpiration with a Potometer
Setting up a classic potometer with a Wireless Pressure Sensor is one example of how integrating sensors can improve the data collection process.

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Why choose PASCO?

Quantifying biological processes can be challenging. PASCO’s sensors and SPARKvue software, it’s easy enable inquiry-based labs. Seeing quality data being collected in real time will deepen student understanding of concepts while helping eliminate misconceptions. Our probeware solutions are ideal for the study of topics such as photosynthesis, cellular respiration, enzymatic reactions, diffusion and osmosis, human physiology and more!

 Devices compatibility

True Compatibility
Our SPARKvue application and wireless sensors work with Chromebooks, iPads & iPhones, Android Tablets & Smartphones, and Windows/Mac computers, making it ideal for mixed or BYOD environments.

Intuitive software

Intuitive software
SPARKvue software is designed for science inquiry and delivers an incredibly intuitive user experience. It is data collection and visualization made easy.

Bluetooth compatible

Wireless Sensors
Our innovative and low-cost wireless sensors allow you to connect directly to your devices via Bluetooth®, and have built in memory for long term experiments. Data collection doesn't have to end when the bell rings.

Standard Based labs

Standard-based labs
Designed by teachers, for teachers our labs address AP, IB and NGSS standards.