Installation Error 1722 when installing SPARKvue software on Windows computers

How do I resolve a 1722 error when installing SPARKvue or Capstone on my Windows computer?

To resolve a 1722 error on the installation of SPARKvue please perform the following.

  1. Navigate to the following location C:\Program Files (x86)\PASCO scientific\Common Files and run “PASCOUSBDriver uninstall.exe” and run the program
  2. Uninstall SPARKvue 4.3
  3. Reinstall SPARKvue 4.3*

* You may need a licensed copy of SPARKvue 4.3 (SPARKvue- or .dmg) to successfully resolve this error. This can be provided by Technical Support (for US customers) or your Global Science Education Partner (for international customers). We will need to verify your purchase of a SPARKvue license before we can provide this licensed installer.