Cannot Launch PASCO App Store on SPARK Element Tablet

After selecting the App Store icon on the SPARK Element the new PASCO logo (blue text on white background) is shown, then it goes to grey screen and the busy cursor spins indefinitely.

The PASCO App Store has updated several times since the Element was developed. The current App Store software is incompatible with Android 5.0 (the Element version of Android OS, which cannot be updated on the Element).

Resolution: Uninstall any updates to the PASCO App Store and revert to version 6.3.1

To uninstall any PASCO App Store updates:

  1. Click on Settings, then Apps. If they have updated the PASCO App Store there will be an entry for PASCO App Store.
  2. Click on PASCO App Store. It will take you to another screen which will show the currently installed version.
  3. There will be an UNINSTALL UPDATES button on that screen, click that button.
  4. Click OK on the confirmation dialog.

The PASCO App Store updates will be uninstalled and set back to the original configured version (6.3.1).

You will see a logo with a blue background, with PASCO scientific in white text displayed on the splash screen before loading the app store. (If you see blue text on white background, you have an incompatible version).