Pair 550 Interface with iOS device (SPARKvue)

How do I pair and configure a 550 interface with SPARKvue running on an iOS device? Because the 550 interface is a BT 2.0 device, you must first pair the 550 through the Bluetooth settings. Once you have done this, you can configure the digital ports to the devices that you have connected to your 550 interface. The most recent versions of SPARKvue only require pairing on BT 2.0 type devices through the iOS Bluetooth manager before having these items available through SPARKvue. You will see this within the video prior to the activation of the Bluetooth icon at the top of the SPARKvue screen toward the end of the video. The procedures shown in this video are also similar to the pairing process for the PS-2010 Airlink, PS-2011 SPARKlink Air, and the PS-2235 Polarimeter.

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