Showing 5 experiments that use the Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor.

High School / BiologyEarth & Environmental

What Factors Affect Dissolved Oxygen?

Students will use a dissolved oxygen sensor to determine how different factors affect the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water.

Advanced Placement / Earth & Environmental

Photosynthesis and Primary Productivity

In this lab, students use a dissolved oxygen sensor to determine the primary productivity of an aquatic plant.

Advanced Placement / Earth & Environmental

Monitoring Water Quality

In this lab, students use a water quality sensor, turbidity sensor, and weather/anemometer sensor to monitor the pH, dissolved oxygen content,...

High School / Earth & Environmental

Freshwater Quality Monitoring

In this lab, students assess the local water quality using measurements from pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity sensors.

High School / Earth & Environmental

Modeling an Ecosystem

In this lab, students will design and study three, small ecosystems. Students will manipulate system interactions while monitoring gas exchange,...

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