High School / Physics

Magnetic Field Strength

Students use a magnetic field sensor to measure the magnetic field at the center of a coil at five different current levels. Students plot magnetic...

High School / Chemistry

Phase Change

Students will use a wireless temperature sensor to determine the affect of phase change on the temperature of a substance.

High School / Physics

Buoyant Force

Students measure the upward force on a cylinder and the displaced volume as it is submerged in a fluid. They determine the relationship between...

High School / Physics

Position, Distance, and Displacement

Students will explore and discover the difference between position, distance, and displacement using graphs of their own motion.

High School / Physics

Rotational Dynamics

Students use hanging masses to apply torque to a rotating arm and measure its angular acceleration. After varying the torque, they experimentally...

High School / Physics

Fruit Battery

Students will construct an electrochemical cell using common materials. They will explore how the voltage changes as the cells are connected...

Advanced Placement / Biology


Students use an ethanol sensor to determine the ability of yeast to use different types of carbohydrates—sucrose and starch—for fermentation.

High School / Chemistry

Titration Curves

Students will use a pH sensor and a drop counter to explore the shape of a titration curve produced by a strong acid and a weak acid when titrated...

High School / ChemistryPhysical Science

Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Students will use hardness, melting point, solubility, and conductivity to determine the bond type present in unknown substances.

High School / BiologyEnvironmental Science

What Factors Affect Dissolved Oxygen?

Students will use a dissolved oxygen sensor to determine how different factors affect the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water.

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